Prong Collar

Prong Collar

The prong collar made of interlocking metal links each with two blunt prongs. It is also known as the pinch collar because as it tightens when the leash is pulled, the collar contracts which causes the metal spikes pinch the dog’s skin.

There are only some dogs that this collar is appropriate for, and most of the time it is unnecessary. I recommend trying a martingale or head halter before resorting to a prong collar.

I am not completely against them, but most of the time other collars will be more effective. However, there are cases of extremely stubborn and strong dogs that can benefit from this collar.

Here is the important part: This is a training collar, it should not be worn all of the time. It can severely injure your dog and must be worn while supervised.

It also must fit properly or else it could really hurt your dog.


  • When properly used, it can be an effective training tool to stop very strong and stubborn dogs from pulling


  • Too harsh for timid dogs – their size and breed do not matter.
  • Can actually cause other bad behaviors like aggression
  • Uncomfortable and possibly painful for the dog if misused or if it doesn’t fit correctly
  • Not an everyday collar, should only be worn while walking or training
  • Dangerous if used incorrectly
  • Not designed to put over the dog’s head, the links have to be separated and then reconnected
  • Sends the message that dog training requires force
  • If corrections aren’t timed properly, it can cause negative associations to people or other dogs

It is is crucial to learn how to use this collar properly.

  • It must be properly fitted
  • It must be used correctly.
  • The timing of the correction is important.
  • Do not let the dog yank and drag.
  • Do not let the dog continue to choke.
  • Do not keep the collar on all of the time – the dog will loose their hair in spots where the prongs rub and can develop sores.

I urge you to seek personal instruction before using.

There are many professionals out there that would be happy to show you how to use them properly. Seek out a dog trainer or ask at a vet’s office. These people will probably show you how to use it for free, just to prevent your dog from getting injured or suffering because of incorrect use.

(You can also ask at pet retail stores where you buy them, but the sales person may or may not be truly experienced with them. It is better to talk to a trainer or a vet’s office because they know the proper way to use them and also the dangers of using them wrong.)

Looking tough

If you are considering getting a prong collar because you want your dog to look tough, please read this carefully. You want your dog to look like a badass, I get it. I really do. But if you want to do right by that dog, please don’t.

That dog will be your loyal friend until the end – don’t make them suffer in an uncomfortable collar just to look tough.

Also, if you have a bully breed or one of the other “aggressive breeds” – you must be aware of the negative stigma theses dogs have. You will understand when you try to rent a home or bring your dog with you in public places. Making your dog look tough only reinforces people’s idea of these dog being bad.

It is better to show people how amazing and loyal these dogs are. They can still look great in a collar without the negative connotations.

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