Martingale Collar

Martingale Collar

The Martingale Collar has a limited choker action, meaning it provides more control than a standard collar but without choking the dog. It allows the collar to be loose but prevents escape by securely contracting the entire collar when the dog pulls in any direction.

When to use: Perfect for dogs that slip out of a collar. Also effective for dogs that pull; an alternative to choke chain or pinch collar.

It was originally designed for dogs with narrow heads, like Greyhounds and Whippets. Because of their small head and ears, they can easily back out of a standard buckle collar.

But many breeds can benefit from this dog collar. Any dog who’s head is smaller than their neck can easily slip out of a standard buckle collar. This results in people tightening a regular collar too much and making it uncomfortable, or even dangerous for the dog.


  • Prevents dogs from backing out
  • Prevents escape of scared, aggressive, or excited dogs
  • Gentle choke that works like a choke chain, but much safer
  • Quieter than a chain dog collar
  • Will only tighten when you need them to
  • Immediately loosen when pressure is released
  • More Comfortable for the dog – as opposed to a metal or tight collar


  • There is an increased risk of the dog choking when left unsupervised, so this collar shouldn’t be left on when not walking or training.

To anyone considering using a choke chain or prong collar, I highly recommend this as an alternative.

A Martingale collar is safer than a choke chain or prong collar, and more humane. It does not damage the fur or pinch the dog’s skin. Only choke to a certain point, unlike choke chains that just keep tightening

With choke chains and especially prong collars, there is a big risk of damaging the dog’s trachea. Not only is it very painful for the dog, but it is a very expensive surgery to repair it.

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