I will walk it and feed it every day, I promise!

We all know the story,

“Mommy, Daddy! Can we please have a dog? Puh-leeeeze!
I will walk it and feed it every day, I promise!”

And then a few days later, who is taking care of the dog?

Well, I have to admit even as an adult I get that same urge when I see a cute dog. I impulsively want to take them home and give them all of the love that they deserve. I have done this, without really thinking about the consequences and the work that goes into owning a pet.

Let’s be real, they are stressful sometimes. But they can also be a beautiful gift and give you the opportunity to experience unconditional love, a strong bond and a very special friendship.

Getting a dog or any pet is an investment. It is a guarantee that you will have to spend time caring for the dog every day. It will cost money, sometimes a lot more than you expect. It will take work and training to teach the dog your expectations. But if it was not worth the investment, people wouldn’t have dogs.

There is a lot that goes into owning a dog. Not just feeding and walking. Adopting a pet is a commitment. It is not fair to the animal to bring it home, make it feel a part of the family, and then drop them off at a shelter when things get tough.

If you choose to bring home a pet, only do it if you are ready to commit to caring for that animal for its whole life. You are everything to that dog.

Anyone who has truly bonded with an animal and witnessed their personality and love knows that they have a soul. They can’t stand up for themselves the way we can. They depend on us.

So if you choose to get a dog, be prepared for some work to make the relationship the way you want it. Don’t give up, there is almost always a solution. Every dog is different. What will work for some, will not work for others, just like people. Be patient and forgive the dog when they mess up. They have to learn to adapt to your life and what you expect from them.

Having a harmonious friendship is possible!

No dog is perfect. They all make mistakes and they all have their own quirks. Their natural instincts cause them do to things that we don’t like. You may get upset when your dog jumps on you. But to the dog, they are being friendly and just trying to get closer to your face and hands.

Just like as we grow up we have to learn the rules of society and life, they have to learn what is expected of them in order to fit well in your world. Most dogs want to please you and not cause problems, but they don’t know what we want from them unless we teach them.

Keep that in mind, and work with patience and a kind and gentle heart. If you do, you will get a loyal and loving best friend. It is so worth the effort!


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