How to Walk Your Dog: Communication and Commands

The two biggest tips I can give you to fix problems while walking is:

Using the correct equipment and clear communication.

Tell your dogs what you want from them, they really do want to listen and please you. In order for this to work, we have to teach them the language we will be using.

Keep it simple, a few one-word commands are best. Have everyone interacting with the dogs use these same commands. And be consistent, that is the important part.

Here are the commands I personally use and recommend:

  • Wait
    Used before going out the door, before crossing roads and anytime you need to stop.
  • Let’s go
    This is the release word when walking out of the door.
  • Leave it
    Use this when there is anything that you want the dog to ignore.
  • Easy
    Say this when the dog starts pulling, accompany it with a slight quick tug at the leash.
  • This way
    Use this command to let your dog know that you are changing directions or when your dog begins to wander in a different direction than you are traveling.
  • Yes
    This is really important! Use this EVERY time your dog makes the right choice.


Starting Out in Control

  • Have the dog sit and stay while you put the leash on
    – Every time the dog stands up, pull the leash away and say “Sit”
    – When he sits say “Yes” to let him know he made the right choice and say “Stay” to keep him in the sit
  • While the dog is sitting, say “Wait” as you open the door
    – If the dog tries to go through the door, use your body to block them and repeat “Wait”
    – Once the dog gives up, leave a clear path to the door. If he continues to wait, you can release him by saying “Let’s Go”
More walking training coming soon!
Until then, feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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