Escape Proof Dog Crate

This topic hits pretty close to home for me. I have a wonderful, well-trained dog. But he has one big problem, he is an escape artist! I quickly realized that I needed an escape proof dog crate.

He is well-behaved and stays out of trouble…  as long as I’m around. But when I’m not at home, he gets into things and has escaped my house! For his own protection, and my peace of mind, he has to be crated when I leave the house.

But he has escaped every dog kennel that I have tried! Except one.

The first crate that I tried was the big plastic crate with the metal door.

He busted out of that quickly.

Three times actually, before I gave up. The first time he popped the door off.  I found a way to secure it and tried again.

Then, he pushed the bottom and top pieces apart, even with the pegs in. So I replaced those with zip-ties to attach the two parts of the crate.

That held him right? A normal dog it would have, but not my dog. He broke through the plastic.

So then I decided a metal crate would be necessary. 

I got one of the most common crates available, thinking that it would be more sturdy.

While it did last longer than the plastic crate, not by much.

It worked for a few days. Then I came home and my dog was out of the crate, but it still appeared closed and secure. I was not sure how he escaped.

Turns out he was bending the metal and squeezing through the corners. So I zip-tied the crap out of the corners, and it worked! For a minute… until the next time I came home and realized he pushed out of the door.

After that, every time I left the house I zip-tied the door up and would have to cut him out when I got home. That surprisingly worked for a while, but it was a pain. Then eventually, he just busted out of the top of the kennel by bending the wire beyond repair.

Finally, after too many headaches I knew I had to get something different than the common kennels. I had to get something that could actually contain my escape artist dog.

And I found this bad boy…

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

I have had this crate for three years now and my dog has not even escaped it once.

I wasn’t willing to invest that much in a kennel in the beginning. But after realizing that my dog could not be contained, even in a house, I realize that I should have just made this purchase from the start.

For a big and strong dog, I would skip the hassle of the other two types and save the money that I wasted on them. The others were a little under $100 and only lasted a few times.

This kennel was the absolute best purchase that I made for my dog. It is high quality and sturdy. I have proof that it will hold even the most persistent and strong escape artist.

I never have to worry when I leave my dog at home, that makes it worth every penny. I highly recommend it!

Full review coming soon! 

Until then, if you have any questions about it or how to crate train please comment below.


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