Choke Chain

Choke Chain

The choke chain is also called a slip collar and is NOT intended to choke your dog.

Slip collars can also be made from nylon, and I will discuss their use in another post. For this purpose, this page will discuss the metal slip collar or “choke chain.”

It is used by some trainers to offer:
negative reinforcement – tight pressure until the dog does what it’s asked
positive punishment – quick tug corrections


  • When used properly, can be effective in quickly changing a behavior


  • Can easily be used incorrectly
  • Can cause severe neck damage
  • Can cause aggressiveness
  • Corrections must be timed right or else it could cause negative associations with people or other dogs
  • Sends the message that dog training requires force
  • They do not have anything that makes them stop constricting, so they can be very dangerous and can easily cause strangulation (even if the handler releases pressure)
  • This collar definitely should not be left on when not training – too many dogs accidentally strangle themselves every year when left unsupervised with slip collar.
  • The choke chain is a little outdated


There are other training tools that are equally effective and less dangerous.
I recommend checking out a Martingale collar or a Head Halter first.

If you decide that you still want a chain slip collar, here are some of the top rated on amazon.

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