Cute puppy with Dog Collar

Buckle Collar

When to use: These are perfect everyday collars and the best place to attach identification tags or licenses.

There are many different options when purchasing a buckle collar. There are two main types of buckles, a plastic clip and a metal buckle. There are also the options of nylon, leather or fashion collars.


Plastic Clip

This is the most common collar. It can be found at most stores that carry any pet products. It is also usually the most inexpensive choice. Typically made from nylon.

Your dog can also wear this collar for a backup with some of the other training collars. *But not all training collars can be worn with a second collar.*


Metal Buckle

If you are using a buckle collar with a strong puller, I would recommend getting a metal buckle. They are stronger than the plastic buckle that snaps together, which may be too weak when trying to restrain a strong dog. Can be found in both nylon and leather.


  • Best place to attach ID tags
  • Comfort
  • Ease of use
  • Most are adjustable, which is perfect for a growing puppy
  • Easy to find
  • Available in a variety of styles
  • Makes the trainer focus on encouraging the dog to follow instructions, instead of relying on the collar to do the work


  • May not be the right collar for dogs that are strong and persistent pullers
  • Dogs with smaller heads can back out of a regular collar; In this case, a Martingale Collar would be a better choice

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