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Hi, I’m Angel. I have been working with animals for over 15 years, and studying them for even longer! Even when I was just a Angel training a dog when she was little.little girl I knew I was going to spend my life working with animals. I always had pets growing up and I would watch them and learn their behaviors. My favorite thing was to watch two animals interacting with each other, especially ones of different species. I began studying their body language, facial expressions and many nuances.

I started training dogs before I formally learned any training principles. I just naturally knew how to work with them in a way that was rewarding to both of us. I understood how to communicate with animals very early on. The more I learned, the more my interest in animal behavior thrived.

How I got Started

middle school Angel with llama

When I was in middle school, I started volunteering at an exotic pet store so that I could learn more about different animals. I was trained in the care of many different creatures that aren’t found in most households. After that, I started volunteering at a Quarter Horse Ranch, learning to care for the horses as well as ride. From there I dived deeper into studying animal behavior. As I got a little older, I started volunteering at animal shelters, just spending time with abandoned dogs and cats, as well as helping the staff clean.


In addition to personal studies, I also went to school to learn about animals and their behavior. I started out at Animal Behavior college where I learned about dogs, their behavior, care, problem behaviors and obedience training. I then continued my higher education and majored in Psychology, with a focus on animals. I have gone through additional dog training courses and Ange workingl at Busch Gardenscertifications. I have had the pleasure to work with some amazing animals trainers over the years and had very helpful mentors. These include professional dog trainers, exotic animal trainers, zookeepers and veterinary medical professionals. I have been trained in care, behavior and training for both domestic and exotic animals.

Work Experience

Throughout my career, I have worked with animals in many different capacities. I have spent time working at Veterinary Clinics, rescue organizations, animal shelters, pet stores, a great company Joel Slaven’s Professional Animals at Busch Gardens theme park and a few zoos. This has given me a broad spectrum of knowledge in care and training for animals, as well as a look into why people give their pets up.


Why I’m here

Working with rescues and shelters was an eye opening experience. While it was very rewarding, it was quite heartbreaking. So many pets are given up every day. It was especially the older animals that pulled at my heart strings… A dog that has been with a family for 6 years is given up because they are moving, or have a new baby, the dog barks too much or whatever.

The dog does not understand. They are devastated, and they mourn. Most never get over it.

They are much less likely to get adopted than the numerous amount of the younger dogs available. It is so very sad to see the emotional pain that animals go through when their family gets rid of them. Seeing that side of the animal world nearly broke my spirit… but then I resolved to do my part to make a difference.

Dog at Shelter

SO MANY cases where a pet is given up is because of an undesired behavior, that can usually be fixed pretty easily!

Most people just don’t know how, or they try and then get discouraged and give up. I am here to share the knowledge I have acquired over the years to help people solve problems. My hope is that in doing this, I can help some pets stay with their families. The goal is to help people live in harmony with their pets. Anyone who has bonded with an animal knows what an amazing impact they can have on your life. Let’s work together to make an enjoyable relationship with them, and get rid of the headaches!


PLEASE if you have any questions or need help with something and can’t find it, reach out to me! Comment on any post, e-mail me (Angel@MyGoodDog.com) or fill out the contact me form. I will do my best to answer your question and point you in the right direction. I don’t claim to have all of the answers, but I have a variety of experience, knowledge and an abundance of great resources. I will do my best to help!

I hope you enjoy your time on this site and find the answers you are looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Your trainer,